Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To Thy Ownself Be True

Another big part of living the divine life has to do with living your truth. What's true to you? What is it that you desire?need? or dream of? and how aware are you of being totally honest with yourself about these things?

Way too many times one might suppress these basic but vital wishes of our heart's yearnings, and in the process loose our hope, feed our fears and entrap ourselves in living a life that's mediocre.

If we deny ourselves these truths and longings of our inner being, our life turns from happy and blissful to disdain and detrimental. When we ignore the souls and heart's calling to fulfill our inner dreams, one will then gravitate towards, alcohol, drug use, sex,food, caffeine or even a co dependent relationship to hide the pain that's within.

Life is a journey, and in that journey we're here to discover the very things that make us happy, there will always be contrast, which is great, it gives us more to explore and discover, to then find what works for us and what doesn't. Yet one might find that sacrificing themselves and their needs and dreams and desires for other's approval, or for someone we love, or even because we're so afraid to admit that what we truly desire and would make us happy, may perhaps upset alot of people around, or we might be ridiculed and abandoned for following through, to create the life we want filled with enjoyable things that we love.

"See the truth and the truth shall set you free!" my mother used to say! I never really understood this saying until a while ago, when i began walking my path of living my divine life, and experienced the liberation and the exhalation and bliss that came with just simply being honest with what made me happy and do it!

The truth is only a thought that you come to believe, and even though as children growing up our minds have been like magnets,attracting mass information of thoughts from loved ones, the media, the groups we join, work, it's all really up to us to decide if we choose to include these thoughts and ideas into our "truth" and into our being or not.

Sit down, and try to examine and determine where your beliefs and truths came from, who were the people that influence your life for you to think a certain way? do you really believe in their "truths" have any of them changed over the years? What's your truth? What makes you happy?

For about 10 minutes a day if you can take the time out to really go within and fine the answers to what makes you happy and what brings you joy, create some simple action steps to make these findings a reality in your life, i assure you that you're going to be well on your way to a happier and more peaceful way of life!